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hon. Kamanda received an award for outstanding performances

The chief whip of the house of parliament hon. Claude DM Kamanda has received two awards for his outstanding performance in his parliamentary activities and that of the fight against the deadly Ebola epidemic in the country

The strong and dynamic leader representing constituency 095 western rural district for the past years has being a strong debater in the well of parliament and contributed immensely in the fight against t the Ebola disease in the waterloo and Newton environ.


The Alliance Democratic Movement (ADM) has issued a press release frowning on what the movement referred to as “undemocratic act of the ruling All People’s Congress party” following the ongoing allegations against the party about the recruitment process and political discrimination at the Statistics Sierra Leone Secretariat.

According to the release, the movement’s attention was caught because the issues are of national interest and that it finds it very disturbing and absurd.

Rtd. Palo Conteh

It has been revealed to The Spectator that the National Ebola Response Centre will soon crack down on ill-motivated individuals that are posting all sorts of fabricated Ebola information on the social media.

Before the official Ebola figure was posted on Sunday, there were three fake figures posted on the social media by impostors all in a bid to deceive Sierra Leoneans.

Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr

1.The National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) wishes to implement an electronic document and records management system to mitigate the risks of information and document damage or lose resulting from hazards caused by fire, natural occurrences, malicious human interference wear and tear leading to document deterioration.
2.The Trust has allocated funds toward the cost of developing and deploying an EDRMS soft and intends to apply a portion of this funding to eligible payments under this contract, reference number: NASSIT/DST/IT/EDRMS/NCB/05/013