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The son of a popular secret society activist, Lamin Kamara fears for his life after his late father in Kamabai, in the northern province of Sierra Leone died on the 7 of January 2019.

Our investigations reveal that the father of Lamin Kamara, Pa Kamara, a carpenter was involved in human sacrifices, and was also involved in inhuman practices, and in the process, he signed up to putting his son’s name in the Bangbani Secret society of Sierra Leone; making his son the next person that should take over from his blood lust and bloodletting business.

Titus Kamara

Since the launch of the Governance Transition Team (GTT) report last Wednesday 4th July 2018, the social media have been awash with subjective articles and audio messages that are very inciting.

Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr

One Arnold Davies is reported to be on the run following death threats on his life for his “abominable” lifestyle as a bisexual gay activist, this press can authoritatively state. It all started on a fateful day in January, 2017 when rumors about Arnold Davies’ strange sexual habits began doing the rounds around his community around 2 Elizabeth Street in Freetown, where he lived together with father a pastor Ina Davies, his mother and siblings.

Abdulai Kamara-Taylor

Mohamed Harry Kamara who was spotted during a party at the community center Lungi on the 29th November 2015 ran out of luck when a group of people who called themselves United Against Anti-Social activities

Addressing the angry mob, Assistant Inspector of Police Balu Mansaray said that it is wrong to take the law into ones hands and whatever happen the suspect must be handed over to the police whose prime aim is to protect life and properties.


Freetown - 28 November, 2016: Police in Freetown are offering ten million Leones (Le10M) to anyone who bring in a gay activist Abdulrahman Kamara  or give information leading to his arrest. He was born on 14th January, 1997.

It could be recalled that  Abdulrahman Kamara who had been identified as the organizer of a gay fiesta which held at very odd hours along the Aberdeen/Lumley Beach in Freetown, escaped from police custody following a visit to him by someone also suspected of being a gay activist.

Simon Koroma

Alhassan Maci Bah of Lower Bantha, Gbangbatok Chiefdom Southern Sierra Leone is being declared wanted by the Chiefdom Authority for refusing to join the ‘Poro Society’ in that part of the country.

It all started in January, 2016 when rumors about Alhassan Maci Bah began doing the rounds around his community, where he lived together with his step-father who happens to be the head of the Poro Society.

Alhassan, being his biological father has died was asked by his step-father to be initiated into the male society as part of tradition in their chiefdom.

Abdulai Bangura

Michael Johnson, a Sierra Leonean based in Kailahun has been declared by the Police for housing Ebola patients in his house without the knowledge of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

Sheka Abu

The expulsion of the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Abubakarr Sidique Sam Sumana and several others from the All Peoples Congress Party through the recommendation of the party’s National Advisory Committee (NAC), has raised so much concerns and debates across the country and the world at large.

This stern measure taken by NAC on march 6, 2015 to expel Vice President Sam Sumana which forms the high point of discussion was a unanimously decision base on the APC’s constitution as provided in Article 8 of 1995.

Mohamed Jamiru

The Sierra Leonean public was at the weekend baffled by the BBC’s report that the country’s Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana was seeking political asylum at the United States Embassy in Freetown after soldiers surrounded his house. Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana is reported to have told the BBC that he and his wife had fled the residence and another report stated that he had entered the US Embassy in Freetown. This development comes barely a week after his expulsion from the governing All People’s Congress (APC) on allegations of “anti-party activities.”

Thomas Vandi Gbow

On Tuesday, 3rd March 2015, the claws of death snatched away a father, a husband, a colleague, a friend, a brother and an audacious politician. The late Hon. Musa Tamba Sam was an effective debater, a persuasive communicator and a passionate politician.

Since his demise, the outpouring of grief and sadness by many Sierra Leoneans, regardless of political party affiliation, has shown that as a politician Tamba Sam was widely respected and admired for the brilliance he so often demonstrated in discussing national political issues in our country.

Brig. (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio